the grief game getting a makeover

2013-07-17 12:46:06 by arty-farty

So, I am currently working on a making the grief game once again.

For those of you who don't remember the game, it can be found under my games and is called "a game of grief"

The big difference between this version of the game and the last, is that this time I will be working in unity 3D and with the help of some people, hopefully.

That is actually where you come in. I need some qualified people to work with on this project, so if you like what you see and feel like you have anything to add, please drop me a line

the grief game getting a makeover


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2014-04-04 18:57:46

I really like your concept, and I would like to be of any help if I can. I do have a bachelor in game design, but not really experiences with unity, but I can be willing to learn some if there's need for it.