Development diary 3

2014-08-12 17:13:06 by arty-farty


We decided pretty early on that we wanted a protagonist for our game which defied some of the stereotypes that are set forth in gaming currently.

while characters like Nathan drake or Commander Shepherd work brilliantly for what they do, we though that, for the portraying the vulnerability needed for a game like this to be successful, we needed someone who could be scared along with the player.

This is how we came up with wendy.

We wanted to create a teenage girl who was as unprepared to deal with the horrors that she was faced as the player would be. We wanted to create a character which could be scared, but rise to the challenge along with the player.

what you see above are some of the early sketches of wendy, that we created.


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This is pretty awesome, you really have something going right here! If I had a video game company I would hire you on the spot! If you want to you can check out my comedy art plus the one I just posted. :)