a new project is on the way

2017-01-16 03:59:46 by arty-farty


I have been working for the last couple of weeks on a completely new IP called "The chain broke". This is a puzzle/stealth game that takes place in a totalitarian society ruled by an evil AI (who is yet to be named).

This game was started after a group project sort of fell to the ground and I needed something to do, so I crafted a project for myself, which allowed me to work on my AI skills. 

This game mostly works with an AI as its main component, but there are some rather dasdardly puzzles along the way, which might confuse and annoy the player (that is my hope at least).

I am hoping to have the game up by the end of february, but I make ni promises


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2017-01-16 12:16:06

It looks cool! I like the game's aesthetic and the isometric view. Unity 5, huh? What language, C#?

arty-farty responds:

yep, this is made with use of c#


2017-01-18 07:29:03

Yo man if you're ever looking for a composer feel free to message me. Good luck.