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probably gonna take a while

2009-08-27 04:33:48 by arty-farty


I have been working omn a new submission for a while, and something has happened, which is not uncommon to me. The project has gotten out of hand.

This means that it will probably be a while untyil my next submission... I hope you have some patience.


sound problems

2009-08-04 16:05:13 by arty-farty

I am having a bit of an issue with my flash file.

I have put a music in the background of my flash game and sound to a button. Now the flashfile notes me that two files are pleying on top of one another in the output.

Is this something i should be concerned about?


Naomi Leart - the evil woman

2009-08-02 19:38:54 by arty-farty


I am still working on the next game about the evil unbrella cooporation Kell co.

I have been working on a character to be the boss, the ring leader fi you will of all the horrible things that go on at Kell co. I wanted her to be fragile, yet strong looking so i settled for Naomi Leart (which is an anagram for "I am not real")

Naomi is the junior underexekutive of research and development for Kell co. She has had her job for far longer than she has any of her romantic relationships. She is at a lock to be the next head of research and development, due to her ruthless handling of controversial projects.

this is her look:

Naomi Leart - the evil woman

what ever happened to the scientist from resident evil?

2009-07-27 17:58:52 by arty-farty

I am working on a game that I hope will answer the age old question: what ever happened to the scientist who created the monsters of the resident evil series?

The main idea of this is to get to know a person through their computer. The story is a resident evil inspired about a huge umbrella company which makes experiments that go terribly wrong.
This time it isn't zombies, but something much worse...

I have created the logo for my umbrella. the company I have created is called Kell co.

what ever happened to the scientist from resident evil?

I'm back

2009-07-25 11:29:06 by arty-farty

hi folks

I have been on a small holiday, but now I am back and ready to get working.

I have decided to make an resident eveil inspired game about an evil cooporation, not unlike umbrella (or veridian dynamics, if any of you watch that).

The details are still fussy, but I was goung from the idea of getting to know someone by the contents on their computer. So I will probably be making a fo-desktop or something.

hope you'll like it.

f*cking armatures

2009-07-17 07:37:08 by arty-farty

I am having some serius problems with the stupid armature fucktion in CS4.

I appreciate what Adobe was trying to do, but it works like shit.

does anyone know of a good tutorial or some kind of help, where one can be guided through the armature feature?

Lesbian death match

2009-07-16 13:06:01 by arty-farty

I have been working with the non profit organisation for world outgames for a while trying to make a small animation about LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bi-sexual) comunity.

I finally came up with LESBIAN WARS. A Tiny animation where to stereotypical lesbians beat eachother sensless.

let me know if this idea is worth following up on.

Lesbian death match

any good horror game

2009-07-15 19:24:56 by arty-farty

I am a huge fan of games like Silent hill or Resident evil. And while I have found some ok games in here I am stil looking for the one that will scare the fucking pants off me.

does anyone know a game in here that is even a little bit scary?


2009-07-15 10:24:39 by arty-farty


I'm A total n00b to newgrounds, so don't be to harsh on me.

I have uploded 2 games so far. They may not be impressive from a programing point of view, but they were fun to make.