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The horrors of rigging

2015-10-22 06:53:48 by arty-farty


I have been spending my time, over the last couple of weeks trying to put together the game that I want to create and the simplest things are really causing a stir. Right now, the problem that is most present is the problem of rigging.

The problem is that I want to animate my own character, and this is new to me. The game that I am creating is a 3D horror title, so custom animations seem in order, but the issue that I am stumbling across with almost ungodly frequency, is how one created the right digital puppet.

The process of making a 3D character move and imitate life is called rigging and honestly, it is an art in itself. I dabbled in it, for my last game "Cryogenic" but I have really had to get into it for this game... and honestly, I hate it.

I have had to redesign my character 3 times, because I made some minor mistake in a previous rig. This means going back t square one and starting all over. All of this means that I am weeks behind my estimate, but damn if I don't have the prettiest character model you have ever seen. 

The good thing is that I am very nearly finished, I just need a couple of things to be done befere I can officially start animating.

Bringing her to life

2015-10-20 10:53:42 by arty-farty

2929830_144535280491_10.pngCreating a videogame is not as easy as it seems, ask anyone who has tried. There is a plethora of moving parts that you have to keep tabs on. 

the first thing that I like to have for each game is a playable character. As this game is a third person experience, you need a strong lead, and I have found mine in Wendy.

Building the character is never easy, though. There are allot of decisions that go into making this character, decisions that will have to carry through to the actual game. So attention must be paid. 


2015-10-17 18:00:08 by arty-farty


I spent last week In Nice france, which is probably one of the most beautiful and most creepy cities in the world. 

The city is comprised of hilltops sporting beautiful vistas, a rushing promenade leading up to the sapphire ocean and quaint art shops nestled in the maselike street of the old quarter. All of these things come together to create probably the most beautiful city in the world.

but you don’t have to walk any more than 2 miles up into the hills along the waterfront, to see the cost that this beauty has come at. Empty hotels and restaurants stand forgotten and abandoned, for anyone with a boltcutter and a sense of adventure to explore. 

My personal favourite, was this husk of a restaurant which hovered in the hills above nice. The place was closed off for “Renovations”, but looked like it hadn’t been touched in years. I was dying to get inside, but short of committing a felony, there was no way. I just had to settle for taking picture of the outside.

still, it is pretty though.

Working woking working

2015-10-01 07:22:10 by arty-farty

Hey There guys. 

I just wanted to thank everyone who played Cryogenic. I worked it for a while and I am really proud of it, so I am happy to see that so many of you enjoyed it. 

I especially want to thank Olivia Steele, my voice actress, she is definately I big part of the reason why this game turned out as great as it did.

With that said, I am happy to announce that I am forging ahead and have already started working on my next project. 

I can't say much about it right now, other than the fact that it will be my first forrey into the horror genre. 

So, stay tuned and I might be able to update you on it later


Sylvester A. Hansen

just a couple of days now

2015-09-23 07:25:48 by arty-farty

2929830_144300748783_Dev.pngThere is only a couple of days untill my game comes out and I am working around the clock to make it as awesome as I possibly can. 

This picture can serve as a taste of what is to come

The cantina

2015-09-14 06:53:55 by arty-farty

Making a game is hard you guys.

I have been doing nothing over the last week but creating assets to fill the game with and while I thought it would be hard to make a POC, I realized that it's actually much harder to make content to fill that game world with. 

Never the less, I am still on track (somewhat) and shooting for that september 26th release date... even if that is a bit optimistic.

So, as a gift to you and a sign of good faith, I give you this shot of an enterior from the game.


Damn Materials

2015-09-08 06:55:35 by arty-farty

Hi guys

I have been working in 3D for the first time in a very long time, something that I did not thing would be as dificult as I am now learning that it is. 

The really annoying thing is that I have worked in 3D (in this case blender) before and I remember it being a bitch to work with, but or some reason I throught that it would be a great idea to create a 3D game again. 

I can't say what I was thinking... I am now suspecting that I wasn't thinking at all. 

Never the less, I have now married myself to this game and I have put too much work in to turn back now, so tere is only one way forward: complaining allot and working more than I complain.

In that spirit, here is an exaple of what I have been working with (mind you, I think there is 5 hours of work in this file)


making memories

2015-09-06 15:19:13 by arty-farty

Hi guys

I am currently working on my next title called "Cryogenic" which will be out at the end of this month. 

Builing a game required allot of structured thinking, but never more so than when you are creating a puzzle. There is allot that goes into making a puzzle, not least the fact that you have to figure out how the player is going to interact with it. 

I am currently working on building a puzzle around one of my main character called Maggie. I want for a clue to the puzzle to be on the back of several photo's of Maggie, which are hidden all around the station. Well, that is the plan, but I have yet to figure out if it's going to work out... so here is hoping 



2015-09-02 04:25:34 by arty-farty

Hi guys.

It is said that you never realize how messy somethong is, untill jeg are knees deep in it. I find that this apples to Videogame development in a very real way, as I have been working on my game "Cryogenic" non stop and the work seems to be never ending.

I am by No means a perfectionist, but still, there is a mountain of work ahead of me. Never the less, I will soldier on and I will make this happen... even if it kills me.

and on that note, here is another still from the upcomming game:


Deep space

2015-08-31 07:48:08 by arty-farty

Hi guys.

Making a game is difficult. In fact is is downright hard, which is why, when you game turns out to be rather shitty, you get a bit down on yourself.

This is what happened with my last game "Gogo gets the Glow", which did not get the praise that I was hoping it would (not that it deserved any parise at all). 

However, the best thing you can do when you output a shitty game, is pull youself up by your boot straps and keep going, and in that spirit, I am happy to announce my next project... which does not have a name yet.

Ok, so I am still in early development on this title, but what I can disclose is the fact that it will be an isometric 3D experince with a deep space theme. I am looking forward to sharing this project, as your oppinions really matter to me, but for now, all I can share is this screen from the game: